Free Truck + Driver

With new Move-In

Absolutely FREE truck driver and boxes with new MOVE into one of our affordable climate or non-climate self storage. Local & one-way truck rentals 334-281-4446

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To make the MOVE-IN for our new tenants easy - A MINI FLEX STORAGE purchased a 16’ moving truck. By just paying the 1st month when signing up for their new storage unit - our tenants can take advantage of our FREE TRUCK + DRIVER program. No truck rental process: rental fee, security deposit or gas cost involved > just schedule the FREE TRUCK + DRIVER today. We drive our truck to you - free: you load + pack the truck, we pick it back up when you are done and drive your precious possessions right to the door of your new storage unit with A MINI FLEX STORAGE! Moving in made easy = FREE TRUCK + DRIVER with new MOVE-IN!

Contact one of our self-storage facilities today to reserve your climate controlled self-storage units and truck rentals or to stock up on moving boxes.